Successful completion of the THRILL End-User Workshop and General Assembly Meeting 2023

From 24 to 27 October, 2023, the beautiful setting of Wasem’s Engelthal Monastery in Ingelheim (Germany) became a hub of innovation and collaboration for the high-energy laser community. The four days were a great opportunity to review the progress made in each work package and task, and to exchange views and ideas on[…]

THRILL End-User Workshop: 24-27 October 2023

At the end of October, the first THRILL end-user workshop will take place in Ingelheim, Germany. It will offer presentations and discussions of interesting physics being investigated at currently available facilities. The main goal of this workshop is for the high-energy laser community to discuss the expectations for the next generation of lasers[…]

Laser research community THRILLed — Ten million euro funding for high-repetition-rate laser technology developments

The THRILL (Technology for High-Repetition-rate Intense Laser Laboratories) project received more than ten million euro of funding in the framework of the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE program. The project aims at providing new designs and high-performance components for high-energy high-repetition-rate lasers, enabling the technical readiness level required to specify and build the needed[…]

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