THRILL End-User Workshop: 24-27 October 2023

At the end of October, the first THRILL end-user workshop will take place in Ingelheim, Germany. It will offer presentations and discussions of interesting physics being investigated at currently available facilities.

The main goal of this workshop is for the high-energy laser community to discuss the expectations for the next generation of lasers to be built at ESFRI landmark facilities with scientists representing the user community at large. A special emphasis will be on the Eu-XFEL and FAIR facilities and on how the development will allow to follow the ESFRI research roadmap.

The meeting will be collocated with the first THRILL General Assembly meeting and will give all participants of the THRILL project the possibility to meet in person – for the first time since the start of the discussions about the project in January 2022. This will further enhance the cooperation between the project partners, especially on a technical level. Also the user community will be involved to define flagship experiments dedicated to answering outstanding physics questions by exploiting the complementarity of the RIs, rather than putting them into competition.

The four-day event will give the opportunity for the advisory boards (end-user board, industry board) to get a snapshot of the THRILL activities and to give feedback on them to the THRILL management board.

Goal of the end-user workshop:

Presentation and discussion of interesting physics being investigated at currently available facilities (XFEL infrastructures, high-power lasers, heavy-ion beam).
Future research directions
Limitations by currently available laser parameters
Specifications for the next generation of high-energy lasers to be developed for research in combination with Eu-XFEL and FAIR

Research topics to be covered:

WDM Research (with Laser for Backlighting)
Nuclear Photonics
Dynamic Compression of Materials
Inertial Fusion Energy
Magnetic Field Generation
High-Field QED
Laboratory Astrophysics
Societal aspects, Medical applications

Image by GSI / J. Hosan


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